Return Goods Policy

Micro Labs USA, Inc. – Return Goods Policy

Prior authorization from Micro Labs USA, Inc. (Micro Labs) is required for all returns. Micro Labs utilizes and recognizes Inmar as the only authorized return facility and incurs the cost for processing and destroying of product returned to Inmar.

Every application must contain the detailed packing list and the details of your account information and your debit memo number clearly designated. If a return shipment is multiple boxes, use multiple copies of your paperwork with the debit memo number and place in each individual box.

For Return Authorizations

Request for Return Authorizations (box labels) can be made by any of the below methods:

  1. Accessing the Inmar website at (you will need to upload a PDF copy of your debit memo)
  2. E-mail your debit memo to Be sure to include NDC #, lot # and expiration dates assigned to each item.
  3. Fax your debit memo to Inmar at (817) 868-5343

Product Returns

Actual returns are to be forwarded to the processing facility at the following location :

Micro Labs USA, Inc.

C/O Inmar
3845 Grand Lakes Way
Suite 125
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

For questions regarding returns please contact Inmar Customer Service M-F 7am – 5pm CST (800) 967-5952

Returnable Products

  • Only products which are six (6) months prior to expiration date or up to 12 months after expiration date and have all the VALID Micro Labs lot number, packaging and expiry date.
  • Products involved in a Recall.
  • It is the shipper’s responsibility to securely pack all the goods to be returned to prevent any damage during the transit and also to comply with laws and regulations where applicable.

Conditions for Credit

  • Product must be in original, unopened, unaltered container to be eligible for full credit.
  • Written proof of the purchase should also be made available.
  • Full bottles will be issued full credit.
  • Partials are not allowed with the exception of customers located in mandated states that require product be accepted.
  • For direct retail customers or direct wholesale customers who purchase at a net price, reimbursement price will be equal to the lower of the original purchase price or current price adjusted for discounts, rebates, allowances, bill backs, shelf stocks adjustments, etc.
  • For direct wholesale customers who purchase Product from Micro Labs at wholesale acquisition cost, reimbursement price will be equal to the then-current WAC.
  • Product must be returned by the customer who purchased the product directly from Micro Labs. Third party customers who purchased Product through an Authorized Distributor of Micro Labs must return Product to an Authorized Distributor of Micro Labs, pursuant to the returned goods policy between such third party customer and the Authorized Distributor. In the event that a third party customer attempts to return Product not purchased directly from Micro Labs, then Micro Labs may (but will not be required to) elect to offer credit to such customer equal to the lower of the amount originally paid for such Product or the current Micro Labs average market price at the time of the return, in Micro Labs sole discretion.
  • Returned products will be verified by Micro Labs and the final credit will be calculated based upon Micro Labs count.
  • Micro Labs reserves the right to make the final determination regarding the calculation of price.
  • No cash refunds will be processed.
  • Product must be returned with an approved RGA form. Micro Labs reserves the right to destroy all returns without an RGA, without recourse.
  • Micro Labs will not accept deductions from invoices from returns but will issue a credit memo. Please do not make any deductions from remittances in anticipation of credit. In no event will Micro Labs accept any deductions against a generic invoice for branded product returns, nor will Micro Labs accept any deductions against a branded invoice for generic product returns.
  • Return good credit must be taken within one year of date of issue.
  • Proof of return is the customer’s responsibility.
  • Products that do not qualify for credit or reimbursement will be destroyed and not returned to the customer. Customer will be notified of non-credited items.

Non-Returnable Items/ No Credit Product

  • Products damaged due to improper storage, handling during transit, fire or any natural disaster.
  • Products marked, coded, or adulterated in any way, missing labels, missing lot number or expiration date
  • Products involved in salvage, bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings.
  • Private labels, tampered with, repackaged products or products not in the original container.
  • Products past one year of the expiry date or with more than six (6) months remaining shelf life.
  • Free Goods or Overstock product.
  • Items purchased at a special price or a reduced cost as part of an introductory offer
  • Product for which proof of purchase cannot be verified.
  • If product is returned without an RGA it will be rejected and returned to the customer at their expense.
  • Returns made more than sixty (60) days from the date of the Returned Goods Authorization form.
  • Sample products or no charge introductory items are not eligible for credit.
  • Products which are sold on a non-returnable basis
  • Product shipped to Inmar without a label on the box
  • Products purchased or distributed contrary to federal, state or local laws.

Shipping Errors/Damaged Shipments

Products shipped in error by Micro Labs or products damaged in transit must be reported to Micro Labs within ten (10) working days of receipt and must be returned to Micro Labs within 30 days of receipt. Contact Micro Labs customer service at (855) 279-0627 phone, (414) 434-6967 fax, or email

Transportation Charges

Customers will be responsible for all the transportation charges for the items they return. Micro Labs will only be responsible for items which have been shipped in error or during the event of a recall. Merchandise may not be sent via regular U.S. Mail. Returns must be traceable in the event a package is lost in transit.

Third Party Processing

  • Third party processors must comply with all requirements of Micro Labs’ Return Good Policy.
  • Third party processors must provide proof of destruction for short / outdated product.
  • Micro Labs will not accept returns from third party return processors for customers other than wholesale and retail direct purchasers of Product, unless a pre-approved contract is mutually accepted in writing.
  • All returns from non-authorized customers sent to third party return processors will be rejected.
  • Micro Labs will not process returns using pricing from the third party’s internally generated price list.
  • Micro Labs is not responsible for any other additional fees from its customer using third-party processors.

*Micro Labs may, at its discretion, make exceptions to the returned goods policy based upon extenuating circumstances.

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